Executive Director

Damian J. Turco, Esq.

Attorney and Executive Director
A 29 Water Street, Suite 204 Newburyport, MA 01950
P 978-225-9030
E damian@turcolegal.com
W www.turcolegal.com

Current role with LAJ.

Attorney Turco serves as a liaison to LAJ from the MBA and also serves as one of two family law advisors to the LAJ lawyers handling such cases.

Licensed in Massachusetts (since 2011) and Florida (since 2008), Attorney Damian Turco focuses his practice in family law, handling predominantly divorce, custody, and related cases. With hundreds of family law cases resolved, he manages the practice and oversees firm’s caseload. Attorney Turco practiced in Florida handling predominantly family law and real estate matters from 2008 through 2012.

He’s well familiar with and skilled at issue spotting in divorce, modification, contempt and other family law matters and is a skilled litigator, representing clients in court nearly every week. Damian Turco is also dedicated to the betterment of our community, both the legal community and the general community at large. He’s an avid volunteer, dedicating time to leadership at the Massachusetts Bar Association, the Greater Newburyport Bar Association, the Legal Advocacy and Resource Center, Lawyers for Affordable Justice Legal Incubator, and in doing pro bono community outreach at shelters in Boston, Lowell, Lawrence, and elsewhere in North Shore Massachusetts.

Current Memberships

Massachusetts Bar Association (MBA).  Attorney Turco has been an active member and leader at the Massachusetts Bar Association, a volunteer, state-wide bar association of approximately 11,000 members, since his return to Massachusetts in 2011. Today, he serves on various committees and is a Fellow in the MBA’s Inaugural Leadership Academy.

Attorney Turco has also served as Chair of the MBA’s Law Practice Management Section (2015-2016)(Vice Chair 2013-2015); Membership Committee (2013-Present); Co-Chair of the Membership Committee’s Strategic Planning Subcommittee (2015-Present); Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. Scholarship Committee (2014-Present); Annual Dinner Committee (2016); Judicial Committee on Civility and Professionalism (2015-Present).

Aside from serving in leadership at the MBA, he’s served as an ambassador of the MBA, speaking at and coordinating educational programs with all nine Massachusetts law schools. He’s represented the MBA at American Bar Association and National Conference of Bar President events. Attorney Turco has also had the honor of addressing hundreds of new lawyers on behalf of the MBA, as they were sworn in as lawyers of the Commonwealth.

Greater Newburyport Bar Association (GBNA).  Attorney Turco was of three Newburyport lawyers who, in late 2015, organized an effort to re-establish the Greater Newburyport Bar Association, now an association of dozens upon dozens of local Newburyport lawyers. Attorney Turco is on the organization’s Board of Directors and serves as Treasurer. He’s played an active role in organizing and mobilizing lawyers in the furtherance of collegiality and service to the community.

Legal Advocacy and Resource Center (LARC).  LARC is a free legal resource for lower income residents and has served Massachusetts for over 30 years, providing free legal advice and referrals to non-profit legal services organizations. Attorney Turco also sits on LARC’s Board of Directors.

He spends a considerable amount of his time volunteering legal services at various shelters, day shelters, and soup kitchens across the state each month, providing free legal services to some of those who need it the most help.


Mass Lawyers Weekly Up and Coming Award 2015
Super Lawyer Rising Star 2014-2017