FAQ for Attorneys

FAQ for Attorneys


Start, grow, and sustain your solo practice as an LAJ Panel Attorney. 

What is Lawyers for Affordable Justice?

Lawyers for Affordable Justice was founded in 2016 through the collaboration of Boston College Law School, Boston University School of Law, and Northeastern University School of Law.  The objective was to help each school’s graduates start successful solo practices that include serving low to moderate income clients in the Boston area.  In January 2018, Lawyers for Affordable Justice, Inc. launched as nonprofit organization, independent of the founding law schools. While the schools continue to endorse and collaborate with LAJ, the organization is now a stand-alone entity.

Benefits to Panel Membership

Law Practice Essentials *
Cost On Your Own Cost as an LAJ Participant
Case Referrals Varies Included
Law Practice Management Software: Clio $708/year Included**
Access to Lexis Nexis >$2100/year Included**
Massachusetts Bar Association Membership $75/year Included***
Boston Bar Association Membership $130/year Included***
Women’s Bar Association Membership $50-$250/year Included***
Starting Out Solo Bar Association Membership $25 Included***
Substantive Mentors Included
Practice (Business) Mentors Included
Leadership / Volunteer Opportunities Included

* Specific benefits  and accessibility length of time are subject to change

** For your first year on the panel.

*** For up to two years on the panel.


Why should I join Lawyers for Affordable Justice?

Starting a practice all on your own can be overwhelming. LAJ will provide you with the guidance you need to be confident getting started. LAJ will provide mentors with years of experience in solo practice, training workshops on initial business and marketing plans, continual one-on-one guidance, access to law practice management software, and a community of other solo practitioners.

Whether your ultimate goal is to grow a sustainable private practice or gain valuable  experience to later join a private firm or corporation, LAJ can give you the experience and the training across a wide variety of specialty areas.


How long is the program?

LAJ’s program is an initial one-year commitment, after which you may stay on the panel on a month-to-month basis. Throughout your experience, you will refine your business plan while gaining experience and expanding your network of referral sources and mentors.


How much does it cost to be an LAJ Panel Attorney?

LAJ charges a $100 monthly fee and there’s an initial one-year commitement.


What are the requirements for participation?

You must be licensed to practice law and in good standing in Massachusetts and any other state where you are providing services. You must have proof of liability insurance and an IOLTA account.


Does LAJ provide office or meeting space?

No.  LAJ does not have a physical office at which you may meet clients. Nearly all of our communication is conducted by phone and email and we utilized office space within our community to meet in person as needed. LAJ is intended to help you in the launch and growth of your solo practice and we can help you find suitable space for your practice, given your resources, budget, and needs.


Will LAJ help me find clients?

It’s highly likely.  You’ll ultimately have the final say as to whether someone in need becomes your client, but we will both generate referral opportunities and help you develop an effective business plan to raise the likelihood of finding great clients on your own.


What practice areas does LAJ support?

LAJ panel attorneys handles cases in these practice areas:  Immigration Law, Small Business, Employment Law, Landlord Tenant, Family Law, and Criminal Defense law.  You don’t need to practice in all of these areas to be on the panel. Consider the case types we refer and decide whether this is something that will work for you.