FAQ for Clients

FAQ for Potential Clients Seeking Referral

Is Lawyers for Affordable Justice a law firm?

No, Lawyers for Affordable Justice is a nonprofit organization with the mission of connecting those in need of legal services, but who are unable to access them, with lawyers who will fit their budgets.  We have a group of private lawyers, which we refer to as our “panel”, who offer affordable legal services to low and moderate income individuals.

I don’t qualify for free legal serviced because my income is too high, but I can’t afford a private attorney. Can LAJ help me?

Yes. LAJ lawyers offer discounted fees to people in need who have a budget for their legal matter but can’t afford the full price lawyers typically charge.  We don’t guarantee that a panel lawyer will take your case, but we will present the information about your case to all the lawyers on our panel currently accepting your case type. While it’s true that none of the attorneys on our panel may be interested, we’ll still provide you guidance on other resources you can use to find a lawyer, given your budget.

Can I get a free or pro bono lawyer through this service?

Probably not. Our panel attorneys are committed to lowering their fees to help those with less resources find legal representation. By doing that, they lower their profit margin, which makes offering free representation impractical. However, the attorneys on our panel are generally flexible in their fee structures, so there’s a good chance we can connect you with an attorney who will work with you.  You should expect to pay something reasonable for attorney representation, given your financial circumstances.

I don’t see rates listed on your site. How much do the LAJ lawyers charge?

The lawyers on the LAJ panel are committed to offering lower rates to those in need.  That said, the lawyers still have flexibility to structure their fees, so long as you qualify based on your finances and the attorneys offer a discount. When you submit your case for referral consideration, you’ll tell us how much money you have now to pay a lawyer and how much you’re budgeting overall.  The attorneys on the panel will see that information and will take it into consideration when deciding to learn more about your case. When you have your initial consultation with a panel attorney you will discuss fees.

I submitted a case for referral, but I was not contacted by a panel attorney.  What now?

We can’t guarantee a panel attorney will be interested in taking on your case. They aren’t required to take any cases and they take a number of things into consideration when deciding to contact someone seeking a referral, such as case type and complexity, amount of money you have to pay a lawyer now, amount of money you’ve budgeted for the entire case, the attorney’s own case load and availability to take on more.  If you haven’t been contacted, consider raising more money for legal fees and resubmitting.