FAQ for Clients


  • Is Lawyers for Affordable Justice a law firm?

No, Lawyers for Affordable Justice is a collective of lawyers who in addition ro managing their solo practices have chosen to also offer affordable legal services to low and moderate income individuals.

  • I don’t qualify for free legal serviced because my income is too high, but I can’t afford a private attorney, can LAJ help me?

Yes, LAJ lawyers are committed to ensuring that everyone has access to legal services that are of the highest quality at an affordable price?

  • I don’t see rates listed on your site, how much do the LAJ lawyers charge?

When you have your initial consultation you will discuss payment options with the LAJ lawyer.  Each attorney is an independent practicing attorney and they establish their own rates.  LAJ lawyers are committed to the mission of Lawyers for Affordable Justice and will do their best to establish a payment plan that is fair and affordable.

  • How is my payment determined?

Lawyers will determine a fair cost by outlining the estimated hours, typical procedures as well as any research and filing that will be required.

  • Do I have to supply my LAJ lawyer with pay stubs or any kind of income verification?

Lawyers for Affordable Justice is a self reporting agency.  This means that you will provide that information on your own, no documentation will be required.