About LAJ

Lawyers for Affordable Justice is not a law firm.  We are a group of lawyers who practice independently in our chosen specialty areas.  We are collaborators and innovators who have chosen to share resources in order to maximize the impact we can have in the community.

We are dedicated to ensuring that you are able to have the legal representation you need to ensure your rights are being protected.  Submit your case through our web form today and our panel will review the details, including your case type, description, and budget, and any of our panel attorneys interested in talking further will be in touch.

LAJ panel attorneys handled a wide variety of cases. Here are a few examples:

  • Family Law.  You need help with a divorce, child custody case, or restraining order.
  • Criminal Defense.  You have been charged with a crime and need representation in court.
  • Small Business Law.  You are a small business owner who needs help with contract drafting or review. You want help with a trademark or your business is in a legal dispute.
  • Employment Law.  You have experienced unfair treatment or discrimination at work.
  • Landlord/Tenant Law. You are a tenant who’s landlord has started the eviction process or there are housing violations that are not being addressed.
  • Immigration Law.  You or a family member need representation regarding an immigration matter, such as citizenship or visa assistance.

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